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Within each Valley there are four Scottish Rite bodies, with different responsibilities, and each body confers a set of degrees. In the Southern Jurisdiction, the bodies are the:

•  Lodge of Perfection (4°-14°)

•  Chapter of Rose Croix (15°-18°)

•  Council of Kadosh (19°-30°)

•  Consistory (31°-32°)

In addition, the Valley of Alexandria has two clubs:

•  The Shenandoah Valley Club began in 1979 and alternates its monthly dinner/meetings between the Blue Lodge facilities in Woodstock and Front Royal.

•  The Blue Ridge Club began in 1990, and alternates its monthly dinner/meetings between the Blue Lodge facilities in Culpeper and The Plains.

Each Valley is headed by a Personal Representative to the SGIG, appointed by the SGIG. The Personal Representative in Alexandria is Ill. and MW Edmund Cohen.

Illustrious Edmund Cohen, 33°, was appointed Deputy Personal Representative in Alexandria, effective January 1, 2009, and appointed Personal Representative of the SGIG in Virginia on July, 10, 2009. He was elected a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour in 1995, and Coroneted a 33° Inspector General Honorary at the Bicentennial in Charleston, SC, in October 2001. MW Cohen served as the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia in 2008. He was made a Master Mason in Henry Lodge No. 57 on December 7, 1976. He served as Worshipful Master in 1982 and as Trustee since 1984.

He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the City College of New York, and did his graduate work at Columbia University, before coming to Virginia to begin a career at the Central Intelligence Agency in 1967. He later studied law at the American University, and is a member of the Bar in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. At CIA he advanced to senior executive rank and served in a number of senior management positions until his retirement in January 2008.

Illustrious Brother Cohen and his wife Gwen reside in Vienna, Virginia.

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William L. Alexander, 33º, through 2016

(Chairman of Trustees)

David W. Weaver, KCCH, through 2014

James A Loudermilk, II, KCCH, through 2014

E. Bruce Holley, KCCH, through 2015

Raymond L. Lambert, 32, through 2015

Officers for Current Year

Illustrious David C. Morris, 33° 
Secretary of the four Bodies

Secretary Emeritus: Walter S. Downs, 33°, GC

Illustrious David H. Smith, Sr., 33° 
Asst. Secretary of the four Bodies

Oral McNeil Marple, KCCH
Treasurer of the four Bodies

Treasurer Emeritus: Roy M. Heaster, 33°

Elected Officers for All Four Bodies

Almoner Norman A. Mayo, 33°
Prelate Michael A. Riley, 33°
Organist Thomas G. Little, KCCH
Tiler David B. Browning, KCCH

Lodge of Perfection

Kent S. Webber, KCCH
Venerable Master

Senior Warden Earl R. Jones, 33°
Junior Warden Roger M. Firestone, 33°
Orator Heber C. Willis, III, KCCH
Master of Ceremonies Allan D. Beckner , KCCH
Expert Rhey M. Solomon, KCCH
Assistant Expert Nestor F. Villanueva, 32°
Captain of the Host

Christopher R. Chrzanowski, 32°

Living Past Venerable Masters of the Alexandria Lodge of Perfection

J David Kruger, 33°1956
Walter Groover Alvis, 33°1975
Jason Worley Snyder, 33°1978
John Philip Mc Intyre, 33°1987
Richard Lee Stickles, Sr., 33°1989
Harold James Jennings, Jr. 33°1990
James Baker Herr Lefever, 33°1993
Daniel Lawrence Levin, KCCH1994
Lawrence Warner Finisecy, KCCH1996
Stephen Lee Brundage, 33°1997
Granville Clayton Canard, Jr., 33°1998
Charles Richard Walk, KCCH1999
Edmund Cohen, 33°2000
John Shroeder, Jr., 33°2002
Norman Alfred Mayo, 33°2003
David Henry Smith, Sr. 33°2004
Douglas Lawrence Jordan, 33°2005
Philip Niemann Rhodes2006
Terry Lee Gigure, KCCH2007
Thomas Allison Reese, KCCH2008
Robert George Watkins, Jr., 33°2009
Michael A. Riley, 32°2010
James A. Loudermilk, II, KCCH2011
O.McNeil Maple, KCCH2012

Chapter of Rose Croix

William A. Shortt, KCCH
Wise Master

Senior Warden
Robert B. Williams, KCCH
Junior Warden James A. Newcomer, Jr. KCCH
Orator Gregory M. Valker, 32°
Master of Ceremonies
Adam C. Duncan, 32°
Expert Eduardo A. G. Sanchez, 32°
Assistant Expert Michael T. Huff, 32°
Standard Bearer Edward B. Jones, 32°
Guardian of the Temple Thomas E. Goolsby, 32°
Living Past Wise Masters of the Alexandria Chapter of Rose Croix

John Grier Crawford, Jr., KCCH1976
Samuel Thomas Atkinson, KCCH1979
Walter Scott Downs, 33°GC1979
William Underwood MacBrayne, KCCH1981
Robert Lyle Augustad, 33°1988
Arthur Raymond Wise, Jr., KCCH1992
Ray Leonard Bunnell, 33°1994
Edward Benjamin Taylor, KCCH1995
Nelson Robert Bullock, KCCH1997
Richard Gladstone Neal, Jr., KCCH1999
Steven Michael Hicks, 33°2000
William David Mitchell2001
Gordon Lynn Sparlin, KCCH2002
Norman Lee Hoff, Jr., 33°2003
Charles Warren Wagner, 33°2004
Harry Paul Shaffer, Jr., 33°2006
Franklin Jay Pepper, MD., KCCH2007
Earl Richard Jones, KCCH2008
James Deloss Hawkins, KCCH2009
Sheldon B. Richman, KCCH2010
Carl R. Gagliardi, 33°2011
 John A.Light, KCCH2012

Council of Kadosh

Keith R. Butler, KCCH

1st Lieutenant Commander Thomas G. Little, KCCH
2nd Lieutenant Commander Jose S. Rubio, 32°
Chancellor Richard E. Saunders . KCCH
Orator Steven W. Banowit, KCCH
Master of Ceremonies B. Richard Laaken, 32°
Mourad Beni-ich, 32°
Draper B. Channing Apgar, 32°
First Deacon Keith G. Gawrys, 32°
Second Deacon
Gerald D. Van Antwerp, 32°
Bearer of Beausant Ralph L. Shepard, 32°
Bearer of White Standard John W. Pearson, KCCH 
Bearer of Black Standard Kevin M. Homan, 32°
Lieutenant of the Guard Ali Rahimian, 32°
Living Past Commanders of the Alexandria Council of Kadosh

Walter Scott Downs, 33°GC1969
Howard Sloop Maney, 33°1980
James Samuel Petty, 33°1981
Claud Windfield Carawan, Jr., KCCH1988
William Arthur Shortt, KCCH1989
Floyd Nelson Ryan, KCCH1990
David Henry Smith, Sr. 33°1996
Roger Morris Firestone, PhD., 33°1999
William Underwood MacBrayne, KCCH2000
Franklin Jay Pepper, MD., KCCH2001
John Arthur Light, KCCH2002
Aubey Alvin, Dellinger, Jr., 33°2004
Mark Wayne Underwood, KCCH2005
Matthew Todd Szramoski, 33°2006
Jason Weber Lotz, KCCH2007
Noe Rondina Poblete, KCCH2008
William Larry Alexander, 33°2009
Jay E. Patterson, KCCH2010
Roger W. Peak, KCCH2011
James A. Baker, KCCH2012 

Alexandria Consistory

Peter E. Terrill,  32° 
Master of Kadosh

John T. Tillery, 32°
Preceptor Romulo M. Capuno, 32°
Chancellor Hector N. Mujica, KCCH 
Minister of State Peter S. Jensen, 32°
Master of Ceremonies Thonh D. Mejias, 32°
Expert John T. G. Aakensson, 32°
Assistant Expert Ronald J. Leibfried, 32°
Captain of the Guard Burx A.. Norrod, 32°
Living Past Masters of Kadosh of the Alexandria Consistory

Walter Groover Alvis, 33°1973
John David Denton, KCCH1984
Stanley Rae Stewart1985
Ralph Eugene Simmons, 33°1989
William Gordon Linwood Turner, 33°1990
David Leon Greenspan, 33°1992
Robert Neal Bowers, KCCH1994
C L Morrison, Jr., 33°1997
Roy Martin Heaster, 33°1998
Francis Reed Brown, 33°1999
John Douglas Jenkins, 33°2001
Charles Frank Taylor, KCCH2002
Carl Raymond Gagliardi, 33°2003
Frank Rosser Dunaway, Jr., KCCH2004
Robert Solomon Somers, KCCH2005
Luis Pages, KCCH2006
Raymond Douglas Steele, 33°2007
George Douglas Seghers, KCCH2008
John Wesley Pearson, KCCH2009
Heber C. Willis, III, 32°2010
Ralph W. Smith, Jr., 33°2011
Donald G. Phillips, KCCH 2012

See Also: Officers & Organization - Supreme Council, Orients, Valleys

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