Two of the most recognized aspects of the Scottish Rite regalia are the hats and rings.

Just as the badge of a Master Mason in Blue Lodge is the apron, the cap is said to be the public badge and part of the uniform of a Scottish Rite Mason.  The Scottish Rite cap is a vestige of the dress regalia more commonly associated with orders of European knighthood and a symbol that the Scottish Rite Mason is a soldier in the "Empire of Intellect, Reason, Philosophy, and Wise Morality."



The black silk cap with the double headed eagle on the front is worn by a 32ndDegree Scottish Rite Mason. 




The red silk cap with the red and gold cross of a Knight Commander on the front is worn by those who have received from the Supreme Council the rankand decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, usually abbreviated K.C.C.H. 




The white silk cap with the band of blue velvet bordered in gold with the gold Teutonic Cross in the front is worn by the very few Scottish Rite Masons who have received the highest individual honor bestowed by the Supreme Council - The Grand Cross of the Court of Honor. 



The blue cap, decorated in front with a gold number 50 and surrounded by a wreath, is worn by a Fifty-Year Scottish Rite Mason





The white 33rd Degree cap surrounded by a band of red velvet bordered in gold is worn by a Deputy of the Supreme Council who is charged with governing the operation of the Rite in his Orient (state or territory).



The purple cap surrounded by a band of purple velvet, bordered in gold and decorated with a gold vine of laurel leaves and berries with a purple and gold Patriarchal Cross with crosslets in the front is worn by a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, or S.G.I.G., who is charged with governing the operation of the Rite in his Orient, and also is an Active Member of the Supreme Council.


The violet cap surrounded by a band of violet velvet and decorated with a gold vine of laurel leaves and berries with the Salem Cross with crosslets on the front is reserved for the Sovereign Grand Commander who is the head of a Supreme Council. 





14° RING:  Central to the ritual of the 14°, Perfect Elu, is the presentation of a ring, worn by Scottish Rite Masons from the 14° through the 32°. It is a plain gold band with an equilateral triangular plate enclosing the Hebrew letter yud, theinitial letter of Yahweh, the tetragrammaton, the ineffable name of God.  Engraved on the inside is the Latin motto "Virtus junxit mors non separabit" (Whom Virtue Unites, Death Shall Not Separate).  The circular shape of the ring symbolizes unending commitment and loyalty, the triangular plate and the letter signify that the commitment is to the Deity.  The ring may also be inscribed with the owner's name and date he received the degree. 



33° RING: The ring is a triple band of gold, either plain or with a triangular plate of gold enclosing the numerals 33.  Engraved on the inside is the Latin motto"Deus meumque jus" (God and my right), as well as the owner's name and the date he received the Thirty-third Degree.

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